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Children's Music Program

It's never too early to fall in love with music!

Gene Ford Music is pleased to announce our children's music program, Tots ‘n Tunes. This is a fun enrichment program for kids ages 2 to 5. The classes are designed to provide children with a foundational musical experience and begin a lifelong love of music.

Our first class, “Finding Our Singing Voices” will introduce your child to a love of music. Each class is one half-hour. Sign up today!

This comprehensive curriculum is broken down into meaningful 4-week classes. Each class focuses on one or more elements of music and the creativity it inspires in children. The classes are offered in progressive order, but any child can start at any point in the cycle without difficulty.

We follow the time-proven techniques of early childhood education, making each class both informative and enjoyable. There is a very high ‘fun quotient'. While most programs strive for these things, one aspect of our program that sets us apart, is our class size limit. Smaller class sizes give each child the individual attention they deserve and enable greater student-teacher interaction.



The strength of any children's program lies in the abilities and character of the instructor. Our teachers are professional music educators with experience in early childhood musical education.


Pricing: Each 4 week class is $60 per student. Limit of 10 children per class. Parental Supervision required. New class times will be added to ensure limited class size.

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